Elfin fights to make your software development a joyful success.

Legacy-weeding SaaS architect

Stop crying, start winning the battle against legacy components.

Architecture roadmap:
56.000 kr. ex. vat.

Monthly weed-athon:
14.000 kr. ex. vat.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

DevOps productivity hacker

Let Elfin be your software delivery snowplough, to help you remove the barriers that slows down your team.

Workshop + concrete plan:
16.000-39.000 kr. ex. vat.

Monthly productivity leap:
14.000 kr. ex. vat.

Photo by Joan Gamell on Unsplash

Lead MVP developer for Python/AWS

Let Elfin find the way to the simplest, first version of your Python/AWS product.

Scoping workshop + 40 hours of implementation:
56.000 kr. ex. vat.

A cup of coffee

Absolutely free, fully confidential.

Tell me about your situation, and I will share my views and suggest how we could proceed.